People in the city
People in the city

Progress-oriented governments across the world are in constant need of innovation that can improve the safety and security of their citizens and territory in the first place.

The ability to prevent, predict, and respond to threats and irregularities of any kind quickly and effectively correlate closely with the level of employed technology. Furthermore, gathering real-time data and security information significantly improves public safety and it also implies the application of advanced technologies.

As a result, more and more governments are realizing the importance of including such security solutions in community development plans. Additionally, they also realize the complexity of such…

Smart city
Smart city

Urban environments around the globe continue to experience the trend of growing populations. To remain citizen-friendly spaces, city governments have to adopt the concepts that support their sustainable development. The ideas of Smart and Safe Cities represent complex projects and local governments and police departments need to work together with technology providers to meet each city’s unique requirements. Moreover, solution providers such as Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and the Vlatacom Institute have to stay at the forefront of innovation to provide scalable solutions that deliver multifaceted benefits.

Smart City and Safe City Concepts

The Smart City and Safe City concepts represent the needs of modern societies. The…


Humanity has long entered the digital era and the Fourth Industrial Revolution that has mainly been driven by the very technological developments.

Furthermore, information and communication technology (ICT) is elevated to higher levels almost daily enabling seamless flows of information that result in effective collaboration between individuals, organizations, and national governments.

Innovators and technology vendors and providers are the ones who have, so far, largely contributed to safe digital communication by creating solutions for the authorities and high-profile institutions.

The rise of cyber threats

As a characteristic of any type of progress, the innovation in ICT brings the opportunity for its harmful exploitation. That is…


In this digital day and age, people have the possibility to connect and communicate with 4.66 billion active internet users, or 60 percent of the global population.

If we compare these figures with the 2018 data and 4.021 billion active internet users at the time, the tremendous rise in the number of people who use the internet only serves as proof of a rapid shift towards a global information society.

Alongside the development of information and communications technology (ICT), improvements in ICT security need to be made constantly. As a result, many technology providers and organizations have turned ICT security…

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Tech enthusiast, hoping to see as much as possible of what the future has in store. I explore the tech benefits and wonder: do they come at a high cost?

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