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Progress-oriented governments across the world are in constant need of innovation that can improve the safety and security of their citizens and territory in the first place.

The ability to prevent, predict, and respond to threats and irregularities of any kind quickly and effectively correlate closely with the level of employed technology. Furthermore, gathering real-time data and security information significantly improves public safety and it also implies the application of advanced technologies.

As a result, more and more governments are realizing the importance of including such security solutions in community development plans. Additionally, they also realize the complexity of such projects and therefore seek closer collaboration between institutions responsible for citizen safety and collaboration with security technology experts and providers from the private business sector.

The role of governments

As people’s representatives in charge of public safety, it is the government’s and other relevant stakeholders’ job to design plans for meeting this critical target. Governments need to have clear and comprehensive security-related goals to be able to communicate them to security experts and technology partners.

When such goals are set, all participants in the government security process with the government in the first place need to determine which safety initiatives need to be prioritized. Moreover, as these are long-term projects, governments need to organize funds and set regular revenue streams for such endeavors.

In addition to this, governments need to pay close attention not to intrude on the privacy and rights of their citizens while working on obtaining public security goals. Data is a critical piece for driving community progress and the protection of citizen private data is one particularly important element of the entire process.

The role of technology innovators

Government security technology providers play major roles in public safety initiatives. They bring together various solutions from their portfolios to create advanced government security systems.

As each country is an entity for itself, these solutions have to be adjusted and harmonized to enable interoperability between all organizations involved in government and public safety and security. Moreover, this is achieved through gaining a deep understanding of a country’s security goals and making sure all stakeholders’ security standards and regulations are met and are working together optimally.

Furthermore, the technological solutions that range from biometric identification, e-ID, and ICT security systems to video surveillance, sensor, and radar systems to name a few are examples of technologies that ICT security providers develop and integrate to aid governments in their promotion of security.

Benefits for citizens and their governments

Once these technologies are put into practice, citizens gradually begin to experience and realize the importance of such initiatives. Although these security-related efforts are sometimes welcomed with dismay by the public due to privacy concerns, their successful implementation brings improvements in many aspects of civil life.

First of all, the employment of advanced security technologies helps government employees, police departments, public health, fire, and rescue services, and military and border control forces to prevent or properly react to threats such as crime, terrorism, and natural disasters and emergencies such as the global COVID-19 health pandemic.

When their safety is secured, citizens have more opportunities to safely enjoy other aspects such as leisure, travel, and entertainment and work on their financial security.

With respect to finances, certain long-term economic benefits can spring from safe countries and environments. As government security is increased, countries tend to attract more investments creating more business and employment opportunities for their citizens.

Of course, the list does not end there. These are just some of the positive and far-reaching effects for citizens of a country that spring from living in a safe and secure environment.

To sum up

Security and the well-being of citizens are a top priority. To effectively and timely respond or predict threats such as crime, attacks, citizen privacy violations, and force majeure occurrences, governments need to rely on and employ advanced technologies that can provide real-time information.

For those reasons, interinstitutional collaboration has to be actively promoted through the application of state-of-the-art security solutions created by innovators and ICT security teams of experts. As important stakeholders in public safety and security, ICT security solutions providers need to invest even more of their genuine efforts in creating such technologies to encourage governments to entrust them with covering the technological aspect of state security.

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